We bring cutting edge solutions to road safety planning

We are uncompromising about achieving zero road trauma and we are passionate about better planning.

We are practitioners of Sweden’s Vision Zero model and we bring this powerful approach to you.

Johan Strandroth

Johan comes direct from the mother ship as a former researcher with the Swedish Transport Administration. Methodologies developed in his research are the foundation of the analytical framework and target management system for Sweden’s Vision Zero road safety strategy.

Internationally, Johan has advised many countries and jurisdictions around the world in road safety target management and strategy development. In Victoria Australia Johan was Safe System Lead for the TAC’s Safe System Road Infrastructure Program and oversaw development of Victoria’s next Road Safety Strategy. Johan is a civil engineer and road safety expert from Sweden with a Masters and PhD in Machine and Vehicle Safety Systems.

From mid-2019 Johan will be working from his base in Lidköping, Sweden.

Jessica Truong
United Kingdom

Jessica is a tireless road safety advocate working on the global stage. Her international work includes leadership roles with the Towards Zero Foundation and the Global New Car Assessment Program.

In Australia Jessica managed road safety policy and research programs with the internationally recognised Transport Accident Commission in Victoria.

Jessica holds qualifications in psychology and science and is currently conducting advanced research using Sweden’s Vision Zero planning approach.

Jessica is based in London, United Kingdom.

Kenn Beer

Kenn is one of Australia’s most active Safe System practitioners and a highly sought after road safety engineering specialist. His extensive knowledge has contributed to road safety guidelines and training across Australasia and internationally, which have been recognised by awards from the US Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Kenn’s extensive experience spans road safety engineering, planning, and policy and strategy development. He has undertaken over 120 major Safe System Assessments and being instrumental in a variety of Safe System route transformation strategies. He has led and contributed many Austroads projects which have become standard references for road safety practitioners across Australia. Kenn’s international work extends to New Zealand, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and Malaysia.

In addition to his role at Lösningar, Kenn is Principal Engineer at Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd.

Kenn is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our story

Lösningar is driven by a simple vision: zero death and serious injury from road use. As professionals we have been in the positions of funders, directors, researchers and technicians and seen first hand the success that can come from well executed results focused planning.

We do not support quick ill-considered decisions, but advocate an evidence based and ambitious approach that responds to local circumstances to create pathways of sustained change.

Sweden is leading the world with just such an approach. For over 20 years road safety practitioners in Victoria Australia have been collaborating with their Swedish colleagues to extend and apply Vision Zero thinking.

We decided to create Lösningar to bring this approach to you.